The Broker


The Broker

by – John Grisham

What I found most amazing about this book

The book first grabbed my attention while on winter vacation in Hawaii last month. Of course, it has the traditional “spy-flare” for which Grisham is well known.  But, it also retains the reader’s attention with his excellent ability for detailed description.  He always makes us feel like we are literally on the main character’s shoulder – obtaining a bird’s-eye view of each move in every suspense-filled chapter.  In this sense, Grisham continues to deliver as always.  I’m glad I ran across this book.

What I DIDN’T like about this book

Nothing. It was the right reading length, it was exciting and it is the ideal vacation getaway novel!

Whom would I recommend to read this book?

This book is fine for most ages and reading abilities.

Any thoughts?



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