Remodel to Sale

DIY Project in Los Angeles: from remodel to sale

We’re showing you “the process.” This way, you can follow along and see how to simplify a pretty overwhelming (not to mention expensive) process. Just remember that every step you can handle (without breaking stuff) will keep you from paying others to do it! It’s some of the hardest labor you may do, but well worth it – plus you always learn something new to add to your “personal toolbox” of talents! Enjoy and best of luck in your project! -Anthony, c/o BAN Properties

We took this from a weed-ridden slab into a clean, colorful and peaceful setting! Enjoy!

We are showing progress on a residential remodel we are working on in Los Angeles. We plan to finalize this remodel by end of April, 2022. At each stage, we will post our progress and open up for private (and serious only) offers! Bookmark us for then, or, make a move now if you wish!!

To check out progress photos on our current renovation projects, see us below on Instagram!