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Anthony Newcombe is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word.  He is a four-time entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in multiple challenging verticals which have expanded his network while enabling him to travel the globe. Career-wise, Anthony has launched successful startups in private aircraft, import/export, and business consulting services. He has worked for several leading companies in the financial services and information technology fields. Recently, he has been expanding his knowledge technical languages and skills: HTML5, CSS3, AJAX- API, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, PHP, GIT and SASS. Anthony graduated cum laude from Stanford University, where he earned a bachelor of arts with an emphasis in social psychology. He enjoys teaching his children whatever he can and an occasional round of golf whenever possible.

Anna Miranda
Anna Miranda

With more than two decades of experience as a public relations professional, Anna Miranda has utilized her exemplary writing skills to become a lead content manager and developer for several Fortune 500 companies over the last five years. Servicing clients in the areas of health care, entertainment, insurance, sports, and legal services, among others, Anna applies the written word to help shape and enhance the images of clients with their target audiences. In addition to content development, Anna can guide a publicity campaign from soup-to-nuts and has served as a valuable asset for clients looking to satisfy their discerning clientele. Anna graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor of arts in English. Anna spends what little free time she has with her beloved 15-year-old twin daughters.

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