Carsick: John Waters hitchhikes across America


Carsick: John Waters hitchhikes across America

by John Waters

What I found most amazing about this book

I liked the author’s ability for vivid description. He is such a professional in understanding the “thoughts behind the thoughts.”  In the social psychological sense, it probably leans somewhere in the examination of ideas on the subconscious.  Either way, it is easy to see what has made John Waters a storytelling legend of his time.  He has many talents that leak into the pages simultaneously that provide us an entertaining literary cocktail to savor. Eloquence, objectivity, hilarity – just to name a few!  It’s all “in there” and this was a nice overall read.

What I DIDN’T like about this book

The story did tend to slow down somewhat in the middle portion (nothing horrible, just a notation).  Perhaps the fact that it is on the topic of hitchhiking alone may have been a contributing factor.  However, with Mr. Waters’ wonderful wit, he was always able to recapture the reader’s attention and lure him or her back into a new twist.

Whom would I recommend to read this book?

I would definitely limit the audience to mature adults only.  This book has very graphic references to all of the “bad” stuff. Not for the timid.

Any thoughts?



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