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I love golf a lot, but I can’t help after the U.S. Open this past weekend to ask: why do they think that showing the players that have ZERO CHANCE of winning is a good idea? 

I mean, if we’re already playing on a diabolical course, with a par 71, why the heck are we covering players who would have to shoot, well, 51 (Note: never accomplished to date in golf history) to compete with the leader who’s still asleep in his rented, golden bungalow at –7

Seriously, I just turned it off and did a bunch of yard work until the guys with any chance teed off like 6 hours later! At least there was no “chores guilt” with my decision.  

I’m trying, as usual, to keep open-minded on this subject. But I just can’t wrap my head (cover) around the concept of asking me to sink into my couch for all morning plus all day coverage involving players who have looks on their faces much like MINE on the back 9 during our “weekend hack-a-thons.”😕 😕

Luckily for the network(s), they had an interesting finish. Hang in there “Rors,” and congrats to those who actually COMPETED in the darn thing! Let’s keep trying to improve … ALL OF US! 

H.A.G.S !! 🌞🌞


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(And whether they all perhaps are just different terms for, well, “GOUGING”) 

I don’t know about you, but I think this one might be well worth a shout down. Just imagine being a businessperson and suddenly being able to decide at what time(s) of day (or night) that you would choose to charge for a price for your product or service? 

First, I completely understand the “wish” for this to occur, but what makes no sense whatsoever is how it all fits into a lawful and fair process for those who PAY YOU for your product or service. 

Case Study: The Donut

Peering in from the customer side of things, I would think that a customer who buys a donut at 5 a.m. (before the morning rush) would expect that, with surge pricing, he or she should obtain the BEST price for the donut purchased. This, not only because said donut is certainly “fresher” at 5 a.m., but also because LESS people are competing to purchase the donut at the time.  A different argument could say that the customer should pay MORE because it was just made and will taste best at this hour.

So, where does that leave us? Should the donut be MORE expensive at 5 a.m.? Or, should it be MORE expensive around 7 a.m. when the traffic numbers are much higher? At any rate, trying to even give intelligent answers to these questions seems like a recipe for disaster and it looks like the only places these matters will end up in are the courts!



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3 … 2 … 1 … TRANSFER! 🏈

A Closer Look …

with Anthony Newcombe

Yep, it’s another year combined with another reset.  Be it your personal resolutions, professional goals, bucket list aspirations, or something else involving much less angst and/or effort.  The point is people: it’s time to GET MOVIN’!!

black and white jersey shirt on red wall
Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on Pexels.com

First, let’s get the college athlete transfer portal stuff straightened out.  The author fully supports athletes finally getting both the college program they prefer to play for – as well as earning the income they deserve from risking their long-term health to quench the financial thirst of fans, bettors, university administrators, coaches, boosters, parents, etc.

What is difficult to support is the chaos this current process creates.  We need to figure out a more efficient path and timeline for the portal to work efficiently.  One suggestion floating around is to shift the process beyond the December bowl season and playoffs.  This will allow both teams and players to be able to postpone the decision process until everything is finalized on the field. That sounds less hectic and a pretty good start to me. 

Moreover, we can’t have players moving to and from multiple programs over a 4-5 season college stint.  One player – who shall remain nameless – has already transferred from the East to the West Coast and then back to the East Coast in just a few seasons!  That, to me, is a serious flaw in the system that requires immediate patching.  Personal freedom is fine, but chaos creation should be deemed “the red line.”

Regrettably, the current system mirrors the “Wild, Wild West.” Perhaps some form of “collective bargaining” should be created.  This could be a system which provides some guardrails for a more streamlined and fairer process. 


We all know college players aren’t “employees,” so it wouldn’t be structured the same as CBAs in the corporate world, but there still is room to introduce an unbiased committee – focused to ensuring fairness and some oversight – while also building a bridge for these young and financially naive players to invest and learn how to build lifelong security in their current NIL earnings.  They should be steered from nefarious characters who, let’s just say, might not have their best interests at heart.

What do YOU think?

Happy 2024 all!


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November 21, 2023 


A Closer Look …

It’s finally here folks! We are announcing our selection of the biggest turkey of the year, and believe you me, the list is long and there are plenty of contenders for the title. Let’s get right to it … 

(Drum roll please) 🥁🥁

Our winner is: George Santos Panza! We affectionately call him “Santos Panza” due to his remarkably similar physical appearance (to Sancho Panza of Don Quixote fame) – coupled with his complete devotion to becoming “the sidekick” of greed, ignorance, and shameless self-absorption. Should we call him Quixote? No, we prefer Santos Panza. 

For more on Georgie, click here >> https://www.tiktok.com/channel/george-santos-memes?lang=en

What the hell was “Santos Panza” thinking?

In a nutshell, it’s practically impossible to believe that someone could think that the people of the United States of America could be so stupid that we would sit back and allow him to do what he intended. 

At some point, those running for office need to learn that we don’t put them there simply for fun and games. Most of us just know what generally needs to be done and hope that our selection (or that of the opposing party) will step in and honestly attempt to make things better. 

If, however, we intended to use our campaign budgets to fund our lavish lifestyle(s), don’t you think we might have just RUN for office ourselves?  You know, like if any of it were LEGAL?!

Georgie: Did you really think that we would never find out? Wow, you are so deserving of our title. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Hope you enjoyed your Salvatore Ferragamos! You won’t need ’em for your next outfit though!


Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur, published author & narrator, and full-stack web developer. He never attended Baruch College and never played on its volleyball team either (see George: telling the truth is quite easy!) He can be reached for appearances via our CONTACT PAGE.


A Closer Look …




The inept Congress, its vaudevillian cartoon characters, and a genuine potential for a coming crisis for the rest of us.  Thanks for your service guys!

I don’t know about YOU, but I’ve had it with these jokers.  We’ve been super-patient, participate in every voting cycle, and ALWAYS pay our fair share of taxes.

However, the turkeys who we put there act like there’s nothing but time to do anything and everything.  How did they get so disconnected (for lack of another word) from our wishes?

First, it’s “let’s take extra breaks because we can’t get along,” and now it’s “That’s all folks, let’s vote a raise while you give us all the time in the world.”


Here’s an idea: How about YOU work on commission?  You know, get NOTHING unless and until you PRODUCE RESULTS!  I bet you cheap turds would QUICKLY find your stride.

And as far as whom should elect, just go with Scooby-Doo as your speaker, plug him into the wall, and get something (anything) done for once.

What do YOU think?





Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur, published author & narrator, and full-stack web developer.  He can be reached for appearances via our CONTACT PAGE.

The most qualified “write-in” candidate for House Speaker!(credit: Wikipedia “Scooby-Doo”)


A Closer Look …

with Anthony Newcombe

Let’s take a closer look … @How could Maui’s fires happen?

Wildfires: How could this happen?

If you believe in attempting to tackle”the unimaginable,” well, now is your time. Imagine a warm, welcoming people in an historic, fun-loving town. Now, bring in a spectrum of colors on the roadsides, along the skyline, and, of course, in the ocean encasing it all. Next, swirl-in a palette of all types of people, gathering from many places of the world. Don’t forget the sounds of the birds, the music, the palms swaying in the gentle trade winds.

Heaven turns to HELL

Now, if you’ll bear with me, the unfortunate “unimaginable.” A spark creates a flame which instantaneously generates a full-blown blast one can only describe as some sort of “apocalypse.” No sirens, no alarms, no whistles, nothing. Just the hellish, furious, roar of death and destruction. Those who are even somewhat “aware” of what is happening have no time to think, but rather are forced to flee for their lives – even if that includes jumping into the ocean – to escape the heat and smoke barreling towards them.

In a flicker of time, all has been reduced to ash and rubble. There is little time to process what has happened. There is no one available to question or to provide answers. An historic town dating back to the kingdom of Hawaii stands no more. We must do all we can to pitch-in to help rebuild this place and its people. And the people need answers … NOW!


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A Closer Look …

with Anthony Newcombe 



It’s practically another fall season, and I don’t know about YOU, but to US, it still feels like we’re inches from the summer sun! Some other areas of concern:  

Whereas most of the above is nature’s doing, we must also be much more vigilant in how we are contributing to the increasing strength and duration of each.  We need to do a much better job of collectively working towards solutions to these problems – as opposed to exacerbating them.    


  • Should our infrastructure plans “adjust” according to the frequency and severity of these events? 
  • What do YOU intend to do about these problems?   
  • What am I going to do? 

These are the questions that need to be asked and addressed.  Otherwise, we are kidding ourselves while we idly stand by as observers of our own demise.   

Any ideas?  



Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur, published author & narrator, and full-stack web developer. He can be reached for appearances via our CONTACT PAGE.

Support Small Businesses

A Closer Look …

with Anthony Newcombe

Support Small Businesses
Let’s take a closer look … @ SUPPORTING SMALL BUSINESSES!!




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NFL Playoffs

Football -Records-Competition-Super Bowl Bound

A Closer Look …

with Anthony Newcombe

We can finally pat ourselves on the back after taking more than a few big ones in the teeth throughout much of 2020.  However, I promise not to mention the “C” word (“Covid”) again today.  It will be the only time that word will have escaped mention in my A Closer Look… entries since last spring some time.  Let’s get to one of the few “survivors in sports” from last year – the entire NFL. Most owners, coaches, players and others emerged with delays and confusion, but no actual cancellations and a full season’s completed regular schedule.  Wow! That’s a mouthful!

TopicNFL Playoffs  

Issue:  Where is the upper brass of the league taking this thing? 

As you can imagine, this is hardly the first time I’ve had a conversation about playoff eligibility, league alignment, and whether (or not) teams should even be allowed to appear in the playoffs with a losing record.  I would like to get this on the record prior to this weekend’s bonanza of games meant to keep us all on our couches for its entirety.  Q: During a lockdown, where the heck else are we going to go?  Uh, is that Doordash?! 

Anyway, I’d like to begin by arguing I believe the addition of a seventh spot in each conference is an okay thing.  However, what I disagree with is when it is combined with the “divisional championship” system from the good old days. That’s when it becomes somewhat of a mess.  We are literally going to bid adieu to some teams with 10-6 records – while enabling the NFC East winner to host a game while not even sniffing a winning record.  No offense, but what did they do to deserve that?! To use the “S” word, it kind of “SUCKS!”  And speaking of the NFC East (no offense Texas) but, the Dallas Cowboys should have been moved outta there a long time ago.  We can’t have partial nostalgia and the rest disruption. Right?!

You know, I’m old enough to remember when the Seattle Seahawks played in the AFC West.  So, for NFL “purists” who choose to argue that Dallas, Philly, the football Giants, and yes, the newly titled Washington Football Team should remain in close divisional proximity, I say, POPPYCOCK!  If the league is going to make radical changes to its playoff schedule – and, I hear game #17 is coming soon to your football platter, we should also become comfortable with other logical changes likewise. 

Since I know you’re holding your breath for my suggestions (kidding), I recommend something like: BLOW UP the divisions completely and instead have each conference award 8 (yes, 8! Or, 9!) playoff spots to the best records in each conference. That gives half the teams in the league the opportunity to play in the postseason.  And it sets the table for plenty of revenue raising options for the upper brass in NYC and elsewhere.  Let’s face it, I would be embarrassed to hang a divisional championship banner in my mancave on the heels of a 5-11 season (or 7-9). Wouldn’t YOU?! C’MON MAN!   

Oh, and one other thing: let’s give the top two teams BYES again!  I think it’s shameful to overlook a 14-2 or 13-3 team just because the #1 team is 15-1.  Again, it’s great to incentivize the lower half of playoff contention, but let’s not cheat the consistent, rightful earners of the best records in the game while we do it, okay?! 

It’s not much, but it’s a start.  Let’s keep the ball rolling with some debate… 

Tell me what YOU think? 



Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur, published author & narrator, and full-stack web developer. He can be reached for appearances via our CONTACT PAGE.