And the winner (again) is … Benjamin Franklin!💰


A Closer Look …


Where’s that MONEY?!!

with Anthony Newcombe

Well, it happened again.  There’s a saying in sales that “the only loyalty in this business is to Benjamin Franklin (i.e., the $100 bill).  Indeed, Benjamin Franklin DID win yet another battle. But it wasn’t in the sales world.  Or was it?

If you’re keeping score at home, I’m talking about what’s going on in the professional sports world at the moment.  If you really want to know, I’m precisely referencing the “kowtow bow” the PGA Tour and its leadership extended to those on the other side.  Just a few majors ago, I recall seeing interviews containing the words “integrity, honor, principles, and loyalty (yes, the other “L” word).

Today, it’s “We need to make this work,” “We apologize to our constituents,” blah, blah, blah.  Since when did running an elite global sports organization entail working across the aisle talk?  So, EVERYTHING sounds like D.C. politicians now?  Here’s a word for you: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

The fact of the matter is that Goliath (as usual) kicked the piss out of David (ditto).  Unfortunately, we all are accustomed to “Goliath” being what was revealed as “David.”  What I’m saying is it’s usually the tour that sets the tone and leans its weight and might on the weaker opponent. Here’s an idea guys: why not just be straight with everyone and TELL them that you were being strong armed all along. 

Especially the players who stood by you and sacrificed friendships, reputations, and oh, MONEY to fall on the sword for YOU. If cash was so tight, why didn’t you say it originally? Perhaps we in your “fandom” might have felt some empathy for you and either circled a global hat, opened a GoFundMe account or something of the like. So, the payout was MUCH BETTER on the other (quieter) side? I see. Okay, good luck with that one!


So let me digress. You may think “who am I to tell anyone to be brave.”  I’m not even going to try that one.  However, what I WILL say is: think about everything you did when you “put this deal together.” Think about all the people for whom you were making decisions. That way, the next time you host or attend a youth charity event demonstrating the importance of the teachings of golf, I hope you can stop yourself in your tracks from lecturing others about those four words I opened with: integrity, honor, principles, and loyalty.  Because if you use these words, you will only be demonstrating one real word: hypocrisy. 

There’s a bigger name on the other line.  Gotta go. Have a great summer, hope the Opens go well and “we’ll see you at the bank!”

  • A.N.

Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur, published author and narrator, and a full-stack web developer.  He hits the golf ball a long way but often struggles to find it.  He enjoys landscaping and tinkering in his backyard on weekends. Anthony’s social media handles are: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter