⚖️What’s going on in our Supreme Court? ⚖️

A Closer Look … 

with Anthony Newcombe 

⚖️This month’s topic: Allegations of bribery in our Supreme Court  ⚖️

I guess it really does not matter which side of the aisle you put yourself. The bottom line is there cannot be rampant bribery allowed at the highest levels of the judiciary! Period. 

Even if we were talking about a Supreme Court Justice whom you agreed with, the fact that we are even in the midst of something so destructive to our country should be enough to make your skin crawl.  

Let me digress. Imagine if we simply sat back and allowed criminals to rob us of our belongings, kidnap our children, or beat us to a pulp when we are standing in a line at a convenience store.  

Imagine if we allowed a random shooter to wind his way through the city and mow down everyone and everything in his sight. How about thinking about enabling a rogue police officer to roam about the city having his way with anyone he encounters? 

The answer is (or at least hopefully is) we would never stand for any of these. So, if we really want to show the country that we care for it, we’d better hitch up our straps, think seriously and DO SOMETHING before NOTHING IS PUNISHED. 

We cannot keep looking the other way. We need the concept of law & order to come from the very top. If not, we cannot expect our citizens to behave. No “self-policing,” “honor system,” or the like. We spend enough taxpayer money on so many things that aren’t nearly this consequential to our future. We can do better in this area too, correct? What is there to hide?

We need independent oversight with teeth. If we do not get it straight, we cannot expect those committing the crimes to do it for us. Exactly like we expect it done in our communities. 

What do YOU think? 


Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur, published author, narrator, and full-stack web developer.