The Audacity of Hope


The Audacity of Hope – by Barack Obama

 Audiobook narration by Barack Obama, publisher: Penguin Random House (audiobook version, 2006)

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What I learned from this book

It’s funny how easy it is to forget that as recently as this book was released, 2006-07, Obama was the sole African-American in the Senate.  It’s no wonder that he encountered the level of resistance he did when leapfrogging over this body into the presidency in 2009.  I bet more than a few colleagues were completely blindsided by his rapid ascent.  Anyhow, with the power of hindsight (being 20/20) it is easy to see now how the U.S. is in the kind of tribal state it is.  A large swath of Americans has proven that they were, in fact, completely blindsided by the appearance and success of Barack Obama as a politician and an individual.  I suppose it’s just one of many issues the country will need to deal with as democracy matriculates down this long and winding road dubbed “America.”

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