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Anthony has spent much of the past 4-5 years refining http://www.anjet.net on the back end.  He has been responsible for interpreting the site’s metrics, banner advertisements, debugging (as needed) – as well as adding key pages and build outs to major media sites like YouTube. He is also the main developer for this site, WritePlus, which he originally built in 2013 and has continued to maintain and upgrade ever since.  Anthony has also refined his overall skill set by taking on outside clients’ projects in a remote contractor capacity.  Please feel free to peruse profile at http://www.guru.com/freelancers/anthony-newcombe

WritePlus+ can assist you in developing from concept to completion, as well as explain the intricacies of your site’s metrics and debug as needed, We consider ourselves your “team members” – working closely with our clients and sharing a mutual respect for each others’ ideas and solutions.  Rest assured that we will fully commit to your project as if it were our own!


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